HOUSEHOLD interviews

Traditional Food Frequency Questionnaire

This questionnaire has 2 parts. The first part asks about the traditional foods eaten in the past year and how often they were consumed. The second part asks about the sources of water in the home, the average consumption of beverages and soups likely to contain water, and the different sources of water in the home used to make the beverages and soups.

24-Hour Diet Recall

In this section we will record foods consumed in the past 24 hours with as much detail as possible. Questions asked include:

  • Portion Size
  • Ingredients
  • Time food is consumed

SHL Questionnaire

The social/health/lifestyle (SHL) questionnaire incorporates several questions from the Health Canada Canadian Community Health Survey questionnaire and others as appropriate, including:

  • General Health
  • Height and Weight (verified)
  • Vitamin and Dietary Supplement Use
  • Physical Activities
  • Smoking
  • Food security
  • Socio-Demographic Characteristics
  • Labour Force

Food Security Questionnaire

This last section asks questions about affordability of food within the home. While some of the questions are very personal and are sometimes difficult to answer, this information will help community and health leaders to have a better understanding of problems that may face families in the community and to design better programs to help.