Our Partners

Principal Investigators

Dr. Laurie Chan
Toxicologist and Professor
University of Ottawa
Phone: (613) 562-5800 x7116

Dr. Malek Batal
Professor of Nutrition
Université de Montréal
Phone: (514)  343-6111 ext. 35177

Tonio Sadik
Director of Environment
Assembly of First Nations
Phone: (613) 241-6789 ext. 280



Dr. Constantine Tikhonov
Section Head, Environmental Public Health Division, FNIHB (ISC)
Phone: (613) 941-5748, constantine.tikhonov@canada.ca

Dr. Harold Schwartz (retired)
formerly with Environmental Public Health Division, FNIHB (ISC)

Funding for this study is provided by Health Canada. The information and opinions expressed in FNFNES publications and on this website are those of the authors/researchers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Health Canada.